Tree Removal Equipment

Tree Removal Equipment DeLandThere are some professional tree services that you may not have every tool available to use and can get away with it but that is definitely not the case when it comes to tree removal equipment. Tree removal is a dangerous task even when undertaken by professional tree crews and they would never attempt to do it without having the proper equipment at their disposal. This is something there must be absolutely no compromising on.

Essential Tree Removal Equipment

While we never recommend that anyone inexperienced at tree removal try doing this dangerous tree task themselves, it also must never be attempted without having the following essential tree removal gear available.


Most professional tree companies will have a variety of different chainsaws available when taking down any tree. That’s so they are prepared to make all of the different types of cuts that are sometimes required for tree removal. This includes everything from the smaller chainsaws that are used to trim away branches to gain better access to the interior of a tree and the large chainsaws that are used to notch a tree to get it to fall in the desired direction. Tree professionals also make sure that the blades on their chainsaws are kept extremely sharp at all times. 

Cables & Bracing

In the essence of safety when felling a tree, this is tree removal equipment that simply must be available for the project. That’s because proper cabling and bracing of a tree is important to help ensure that when it a tree comes down it lands exactly where intended. Failure to have this safety cabling and bracing in place can lead to dire consequences during any tree removal process. This includes potentially fatal injuries and large amounts of property damage. It’s also important to check over all of the cabling and bracing equipment that will be used during a tree felling task to make sure there is has no frays in it and support equipment such as pulleys are in good working order. The bigger the tree that is being taken down. The more important proper cable and bracing equipment become.

Ladders and Lift Equipment

Very seldom does a bigger tree get taken down without parts of that tree being cut off first to make the job easier. Some bigger trees even are taken down in sections to make the job easier and safer. To do that ladders are sometimes used and boom trucks with buckets without them. That’s why you will rarely see a professional tree crew that does not have this type of equipment with them. Even though they may not feel a tree removal job requires these things, they will still have them available just in case their tree felling plan changes.

Personal Safety Gear

Although it has nothing to do with the actual felling of a tree, there is no more essential tree removal equipment than the safety gear that those doing this job must wear. That includes wearing hard hats throughout the process and this clothing that can protect against scratches and cuts. It’s also recommended that those operating chainsaws wear protective chaps and other safety equipment that will protect against kickback and other potentially hazardous circumstances that can occur when operating a chainsaw. Thick steel-toed shoes must also be worn at all times during a tree removal task.

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It is highly possible that for most homeowners, most of these tree removal equipment don’t come in handy, not to mention the fact that removing a tree can be very dangerous. We highly recommend reaching out to a professional tree contractor for any tree service requirement you may have for the sake of your safety. If you are located in DeLand, contact DeLand Tree Pros for tree removal or tree maintenance assistance. You may reach us at 386-204-8571 to request a free quote.

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