Tips to Prune an Oak Tree

tips to prune an oak tree delandAre you looking for tips to prune an oak tree? You came to the right page. Here are some valuable tips you can keep in mind to ensure that your oak tree stays healthy and beautiful after pruning. 

Property owners usually prune or trim a tree to make it look aesthetically pleasing and prolong its life span. The same goes for oak trees as well. An oak tree needs to be trimmed and pruned periodically before it starts to resemble a tangled mess. The question that comes next is how to prune an oak tree. 

Helpful Tips to Prune an Oak Tree

Trim During the Winter Season

You might wonder what the relationship between pruning and a season is, but the importance of this bond comes into play when talking about pruning an oak tree. Oak trees are ideally trimmed only during winters. It is because oak trees are vulnerable enough to develop a disease known as oak wilt. 

When bugs eat away at the sap of a newly trimmed tree, that’s what is known as oak wilt. Spores are then carried by this bug to a healthy tree from an infected tree, often killing the tree. Therefore, trimming an oak tree during the winter season is advised to avoid the possibility of oak wilts. 

Use Clean Pruning or Trimming Tools

Whenever we decide to trim something, we make sure that the tool or device in question is clean, and the same goes for the tools used to trim an oak tree. You don’t have to employ fancy tools to prune your oak tree because even water and bleach will do the trick. However, what you do need to keep in mind is that these tools should be clean, and in case you’re trimming more than one oak tree, the tools should be cleaned in between the cutting sessions.

Be Careful With Your Choice of Branches When Trimming

The trimming method used to trim an oak tree depends on its age too. If your oak tree has been alive for less than three years, then you should merely be trimming the broken or dead branches. It reduces the risk of being exposed to diseases or the tree dying away. 

In case your oak tree is older than three years, then the trimming should be limited to a certain shape. The only branches that should be eradicated in this regard are located in the middle of the tree. Be careful of the branches rubbing against one another, which could lead to wounds that leave your oak tree susceptible to diseases. 

Hire an expert if you don’t have the proper set of tools to prune the oak tree. This will help you be sure you don’t end up killing it while making it look better.

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