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deland stump removal

Many times taken for granted but just as important as other tree maintenance services, DeLand stump removal is something that should be done each time a tree is removed from your property. While some homeowners would choose to leave stumps behind after cutting a tree to decorate it or for some other reason, many others recognize the importance of removing tree stumps. If you are in DeLand and surrounding communities, call DeLand Tree Pros anytime you need help in removing stumps from your property. 

As mentioned, a tree stump is left behind when cutting down a tree. When a tree falls due to extreme weather conditions, they get uprooted sometimes, which means the stump comes with the fallen tree. However, when you are cutting down a tree, most of the time, you can’t cut it straight to the ground. 

Especially when dealing with larger trees, the roots can be very large and deep too. And so removing the stump isn’t exactly easy. When this is the case, stump grinding or digging around the roots may be necessary. Some special equipment is used to get this done. Therefore, it is best to seek assistance from trusted tree contractors such as DeLand Tree Pros.

The Importance of Stump Removal for Homeowners

stump removal delandAfter a tree removal job, a stump is left behind. Especially if these stumps are located in an area where people walk or run around, it is important to have them removed. Here are some of the reasons why you should be calling for DeLand stump removal. 

Stumps can be an eyesore – They aren’t exactly pretty to look at. Imagine a clean and beautiful garden with a couple of tree stumps lying around. Not such a good sight, right? 

Stumps can be a cause of accidents – When tall grass grows around the stump, it might appear invisible. It may cause people to trip on the stump when they walk in that direction. 

Stumps take space – Instead of using that space where the stump is to plant new trees or plants, or even a new feature for your landscaped garden, the stump is just there, which is pretty much a waste of space. 

Stumps can promote regrowth – If your purpose was to remove a tree from your property but left the stump behind, there’s still a chance for that tree to start growing again. What’s worse is that harmful fungus, molds, and other diseases can grow on the stump, which may infect surrounding plants. 

Call Us for DeLand Stump Removal Service

There’s no better place to call for DeLand stump removal than the experts at DeLand Tree Pros. We have a full set of equipment and a highly trained team to help you in removing stumps from your property as well as all kinds of other tree services like tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, and more. We service DeLand and the surrounding areas. Call us at 386-204-8571 for a free estimate. 


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