DIY Tree Removal: Should You Do It?

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If you are considering DIY tree removal instead of calling a licensed pro, then you must think a hundred times about it first. Tree removal is not an easy job. It is very risky. Without the proper knowledge, someone may end up getting hurt. 

Tree removal is the process of removing an entire tree from one’s property. It is typically done by cutting through its trunk leaving a stump behind. Stump removal is an entirely different task that you can do on your own. Better yet, get assistance from a pro for stump removal when you’re dealing with large and deeply rooted stumps. 

Should You Attempt DIY Tree Removal? 

deland tree removalTruth be told, many property owners successfully removed a tree on their own. After all, you can find plenty of guides and detailed instructions on how to do it. You need some long and strong ropes to hold on to the tree so that it falls in the right direction. You also need a good quality chainsaw that can cut through a tree’s entire trunk. 

Especially when you’re dealing with a large and tall tree, it is ideal to remove some branches first. If it’s located close to the structure of your home, try removing parts portion by portion. Make sure that it is tightly secured with the rope so that it won’t fall on your roof. 

Also, this is never a one-man job. Except if you’re an experienced tree cutter and you’re removing a tree from a large, bare property, then go ahead and do it on your own. But as much as possible, get help from friends. 

We honestly do not recommend DIY tree removal. It is always best to call a licensed tree professional. Sure, there are some successful DIY attempts, but there are many more that ended up in injury or serious property damage.

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For DeLand tree removal, we highly recommend calling a professional tree contractor like DeLand Tree Pros. We have a team of extensively trained and fully equipped crew who can help you remove all kinds of trees. We also provide other tree-related services like tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal, and many more. Just call us at 386-204-8571 for a free estimate. 

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