Different Types of Oak Trees

Different Types of Oak Trees DeLandWhat are the different types of oak trees? Looking at trees will spark one’s curiosity. It’s fascinating that an almost motionless creation does have life. One of the most well-loved trees is the oak trees. Not only they are beautiful and fascinating to look at but they also play a huge role in our ecosystem by keeping the forests healthy and in a good shape.  

Found in rural estates, campuses, and parks, oak trees are native and well distributed in the Northern Hemisphere and high altitudes in the tropics such as America, Asia, Europe, and North Africa. Respectively, North America has the largest number containing almost half of the oak species.

What Are Oak Trees? 

Oak trees are groups of ornamental and hardwood trees with approximately 500 species, it belongs to genus Quercus in the beech family Fagaceae. Most species are deciduous which sheds their leaves during the fall season but have evergreen varieties too. 

All oak species can be categorized into two major groups, the white oak species, and the red oak species. Both groups are aesthetically pleasing with minimal difference in terms of the look. The bark of the oak tree has a smooth silvery brown color in the beginning. As they mature, they develop deep grooves and ridges and can differ in color. The leaves, however, are at the same length but each group has distinct features. Acorn is considered the most reliable way to identify an oak tree. On the other hand, Male flowers are more noticeable than female flowers that are often smaller.

White Oak Trees

Leaves with smooth, non-bristle edges and rounded tips are the most common characteristics of species under the white oak category. The bark becomes light gray as it matures. White oak’s acorn matures faster in one season and tends to have the sweeter tasting seed. Some of the known white oak species are Bur, Chestnut, English, Holm, Oregon White, Overcup, Post, and Sessile Oak. 

Red Oak Trees

The red oak tree is also identified as a black oak species s its bark becomes very dark as it matures. It is described as generally having tiny bristles and pointed tipped leaves. Red oak acorn has a hairy line shell that is larger and heavier, it matures in two seasons and has a bitter unpalatable taste. Some of the known red oak species are Black, California Black, Cherrybark, Laurel, Swamp Spanish, Scarlet, Shumard, Southern Red, Water, and Willow Oak. 

An oak tree is a centerpiece that provides shade and support for forest animals. It can come as an immediate food source and nesting choice. Some animals store acorns underground as a food supply in preparation for seasons. At times, animals forget about it, the seeds are eventually planted and grow into new trees.

An oak tree can stand the test of time. They can be planted in your property but they should be well maintained as their roots can destroy structures if not managed well. It should also not be planted close to a house because it needs to have room for growth. Many oak tree enthusiasts dedicate a huge space to grow oak trees.

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